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We are a brothers (family) owned and operated lawn care business. We have been providing lawn services to the Metairie and Kenner area since 1998.

We have provided services to the elderly, the busy professional, and anyone who has needed our services over the years.

We enjoy working outside in the garden and doing yard work and it shows in our finished works.
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Metairie & Kenner Lawn Care Services

Jim's cuts grass and maintains yards in North Metairie.

From one-time overgrown grass cuts to weekly services, email us at jim@yardscut.com for efficient, cordial, and professional lawn care services.

Jim's Offers Lawn, Yard, and Garden Services

Lawn and gardens vary throughout the Metairie and Kenner areas. One yard may experience overgrowth in a very short time while the yard next door rarely overflows with grass. Whatever your requirements, we can tame your overgrown yard, provide weekly grass cutting services, or keep your garden weeds and debris free.

Profient Dependable Services, Free Estimates.

We offer all our lawn care customers free estimates on all the services we provide. You will recieve an exact quote on lawn care services before we begin work.

We are dependable and professional and do not expect to be paid untill the job is finished at your descretion. We enjoy what we do and take pride in a job well done.

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